Competitive price

This type of printing is one of the most popular. The main cost when printing using offset technique consist of printing plates’ preparation and preparation of printing press for mass production. Since this is needed only once, manufacturing costs are lower, therefore, this type of printing is characterized by a very competitive price when in need of commercial printing quantities.

Higher quality

Offset printing technique allows using more colors than when using digital printing. In this case, it is possible to use not only CMYK color model, but also elite Pantone colors.
Offset printing also enables choosing thicker and a more rugged texture paper in comparison to digital print.

Possibilities for usage

Offset printing is widely used. This printing technique can be used on paper or on cardboard. We recommend using offset printing for those products that are to be manufactured in large quantities. It can be brochures, posters, packaging, catalogs, reports, marketing mail, etc.

Moreover, our recommendation is to use it also for products that require 100% color match, since offset printing technique enables to replicate the exact colors, using Pantone color matching.

Free consultation

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